Where Does The Name Come From?

Some fans have been curious about how the name came about for the band. In fact, the album Winter Rebellion was recorded in November (the month of the dead). I was searching for longish, poetic sounding name similar to other Post Rock bands: We Were Astronauts; This Will Destroy You; If These Trees Could Talk, and so on. When googling some early ideas, I came across the phrase: Let The Dead Have November. It is the title of a column on the National Catholic Reporter. The author, Claire Coffey, a kindergarten teacher of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA is commenting on The Feast of All Souls in the Catholic tradition. November is the month to set aside a day to remember the souls in purgatory and visiting the cemeteries where loved ones lie.

Claire writes:
“It may be tempting, during the month of November, to yield prematurely to the flashier and cozier charms of Christmas — to the jingle bells and stars in the east and merry gentlemen. But let the dead have November. Let them have this somber, chilly month, with its purple-gray skies and bare, windy trees. Say a prayer for all the departed during this month, and if you can, visit the resting places of your beloved dead. “

Claire Coffey, November 2, 2017, NCR

We thank Claire for the amazing inspiration to start a new North American Post Rock band, and indeed, we will certainly Let The Dead Have November as we focus on the dark emotions that breathe into new releases for the band.


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