Review: Adrift Like a Dead Leaf, by Delusion Spiral

Delusion Spiral is an instrumental music project by Hamed Mostafizi, started in 2005 in his home of Iran. I’m starting my day listening to the track Adrift Like a Dead Leaf. It’s a Winter gloomy day with grey skies and the promise of rain here in Orlando, FL USA. The track instantly transports me to a far away place I’ve never known. Using expertly crafted layers of rhythm and melody with a wide range of instruments Hamed transports us to the world of Iran. The melody feels middle Eastern, but the rhythm speaks to modern eighties and nineties dark wave. I’m reminded of Bauhaus and Joy Division, and yet, there’s a sense of a different world speaking through it all that reminds me of video games, exploring an area looking for clues, taking in the scene from a different land. I wonder to myself if the artist often feels like a dead leaf set adrift, or is it a spiraling delusion? What hopes and fears are born and die within this musical journey.


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