Soaking in Subgenres

Nico is recovering from a stomach virus, so I bet he isn’t going to post today. So here is Cathren guest-posting again for him. Nico can write, talk, and play your ear off about music. Cathren loves music–knows nothing.

But here’s a fun fact about Nico. He gets these musical obsessions. He’ll get obsessed with a subgenre. Like all of sudden, he’ll listen to a particular decade of jazz from a particular city–Gypsy Jazz or whatnot. He’ll watch every obscure documentary about it and read everything he can get his hands on. He’ll listen to it non-stop and start experimenting with the chords. He’ll talk your ear off about the theory and the notes, and he may as well be speaking Laotian for as well as I can understand it. But he’s so excited about it.

This whole thing goes on for about six weeks, and I think it makes his music pretty interesting. It makes my household a lot more interesting than it would be if I were just here by myself because I sure wouldn’t have the History Channel running something about Medieval music and how the scale changed after that. Did it? I couldn’t tell you. If Nico were here, he could. Well, until he gets back, his album link and Facebook page link are below as always.


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